uConnect built the first all-in-one virtual career center platform designed to radically improve digital student engagement. Their mission is to empower the next generation to realize their full potential by improving access to career resources, networks, and opportunities—early in their lives and throughout their careers. We worked with their team to establish a refreshed brand identity, that better aligned with their mission.

Collaborators: Samuel Dickison (Illustration)


Through our brand workshops and conversations, we agreed that the uConnect identity needed a modern and fresh update. But at the same time, we needed to create a broader range of style and visual expression.

We aligned on the attributes of essential, approachable, and radical. And these guardrails helped us create a solid foundation of language for uConnect, as well as served as the springboard for the visual identity.

You really got to know our company, our audience, our past, and where we wanted to go. That gave us a lot of confidence you were going deep, and we weren't just getting a fresh coat of paint.”

Ashley Safranski, VP of Marketing


The identity for uConnect celebrates the joy of finding one's career. The broad range of colors serve as a sign of the diverse landscape that is career exploration. The typography feels smart and studied—but not too serious. And the playful illustration, by Samuel Dickison, bring everything together in a whimsical way.

For the logo, we cleaned up the mark and made everything more scalable and legible.

The outcome was *chef's kiss*! We now have a visual identity that is fun and approachable, but also is clean and professional. Plus, it's unique! We really stand out from others in the space.”

Ashley Safranski, VP of Marketing

Career Everywhere

Part of the uConnect brand strategy involves empowering Career Services professionals. The Career Everywhere movement is all about enabling modern career services professionals to scale the impact of their work by embedding career resources into the classroom, across campus, and beyond.

We created a sub-brand for this movement that allows other people to join in uConnect's cause. Through the use of a chat bubble visual language, the Career Everywhere sub-brand centered around the idea of having career conversations earlier, and more often.

You helped us to think through how our primary and sub brands work together, as we seek to promote a new movement in our industry...that was so tremendously helpful and we are reaping the benefits of that intentionality already.”

Ashley Safranski, VP of Marketing


The uConnect website got a complete overhaul. From content strategy, to visual design, we worked with their team to outline a compelling story that brought their purpose, mission, and vision to life.

You were a joy to work with. You were fun, engaging and it really felt like a great partnership.”

Ashley Safranski, VP of Marketing