Thrive Digital

Thrive Digital is a performance marketing agency located in Vancouver, Canada. They plan, implement, and optimize online advertising campaigns that are seen by millions of people around the world. We worked with them to define a new content strategy for their website, and brought their brand to life through a UI design system.


Thrive Digital is not your average ad agency. They have a paradoxical tension between their systematic and scientific processes, and their very personable and flexible team.

We captured this early on in strategy, and found ways to weave this in. From the design of the site, to the orientation around simple case studies that highlighted their results, we helped position Thrive as the powerhouse that they are.

Collaboration happened at every step of the process, from content briefs in Google Docs, to tweaking content intent in Figma comments, we worked together to craft their story.

JT is collaborative, has an excellent process, and unbelievably great taste, which makes working together both easy and extremely productive.”

Brent MacArthur, Co-Founder & CTO at Thrive Digital

Visual Design

Thrive tasked us with making a modular design system that would allow for future expansion and adaption. We made this happen by iterating on a kit of parts for simple things like type and color, but also for things like an illustration style.

The result was something they could truly take on and further expand.