Tenicor is an American design, development, manufacturing, and training company. Since 2008, they've been honing their craft and developing products that work. We worked with the Tenicor team to refresh their original brand identity, as well as design a visual language to support a new digital presence.


Originally named and designed by Heckler Branding, Tenicor had a solid foundation. However, over the years as the mark was stress-tested, stamped, and embroidered on items, there were a few areas where the logo broke down.

Especially at smaller sizes, the negative space at the top of the mark would close in and the detail would be lost. This problem served as our primary focus with a rebrand. We knew that most people wouldn't notice the change, and yet this update felt in line with our "uncompromising" brand attribute. The evolution sets Tenicor up for further product expansion and better overall performance at smaller sizes.

Visual Language

For the visual language, we wanted something that honored the past while taking the brand to the next level. We established brand attributes that guided our exploration. In the end, we expanded on the original orange palette, but added in more shades along with a military-inspired olive. In addition, Pilat and General Grotesque from General Type Studio were the perfect pairing to elevate the brand.

Art Direction

We worked with the Tenicor team to distill their product offerings down to a very small number. By pulling things like gun make and model as a subset of the product itself, we were able to bring clarity to the products.

We helped provide art direction for product photoshoots that cemented each product name.