Sovereign is an open, interconnected rollup ecosystem. Their goal is to enable all developers to deploy customizable and scalable rollups that communicate seamlessly. We worked with them, alongside 3EKV, to develop a brand identity that would grab attention and pull people into the magical idea of the "Internet of Rollups."

Collaborators: Bryan Barger (3D)


Building scalable blockchains is hard. Sovereign believes that being permissionless and credibly neutral is essential to the value blockchains provide, and that dApp developers shouldn’t have to choose between scalability and security. If what Sovereign hopes to accomplish comes true, they won’t have to.

We decided to align on the attributes of simplicity, security, and futurism. These attributes are put on display by a bare-bones identity, clean logo, ample whitespace, and mystifying 3D imagery.

Being able to iterate on design quickly was one of the most important aspects for us, and you did that really well. We love the end result.”

Cem Ozer, CEO & Co-Founder

Visual Language

The visual language is built on a black and white foundation, and we chose a cyan to emerald gradient because it felt unique and mysterious. With a name like Sovereign, we wanted to capture a royal feel without being too on the nose, and the deep emerald greens do a perfect job of evoking a sense of sovereignty.

The real star of the visual language is the 3D work, created by Bryan Barger. The motif we created was the idea of "tubes" that represent the Sovereign technology. These tubes are then arranged in various compositions and tell the story of each of Sovereign's unique aspects.

We are very impressed with the brand, and hope to be able to build on it for a very long time.”

Cem Ozer, CEO & Co-Founder