Siena is a cutting-edge AI customer service platform thats transforming the way businesses engage with their customers. By harnessing the power of GPT-4 and proprietary models, Siena merges human empathy and intelligent automation, creating an almost-human conversational experience that delights customers across all channels.

We partnered with Siena to develop a brand strategy, visual identity, and unique visual language that would resonate with their audience and set them apart from competitors.


The core challenge for Siena was to establish themselves as a best-in-class AI customer service platform that offers a radical and bold solution. In our workshops and brainstorming sessions, we identified the need to emphasize empathy and human connection in their brand strategy. We encapsulated this essence with the tagline, "Humanize The Internet," emphasizing both their innovative approach and customer-centric focus.

Our collaboration was instrumental in launching Siena. Overline captured the essence of our vision and the brand has played a huge role in attracting new partnerships and expanding our business.”

Lisa Popovici, co-founder and CMO at Siena AI


Siena's brand attributes of Radical, Bold, and Best-In-Class were brought to life through their visual identity. The simple yet bold logotype, based on Ginto, conveys strength and innovation, while the playful and human typography, Ambit, creates a sense of approachability and warmth.

We developed a vibrant color gradient that includes neon chartreuse, purple, pink, and orange. These eye-catching colors evoke energy and excitement, reinforcing the innovative and bold nature of the brand.

To add a fun and relatable element to Siena's visual language, we designed a mascot character that lives within their illustrations. This playful character embodies Siena's empathic, almost-human AI, and helps to create an emotional connection with users.

Visual Language

Siena's visual language brings together the various elements of their brand identity, creating a cohesive and compelling experience across all touchpoints. By integrating the vibrant color palette, bold typography, and mascot character, we crafted a unique visual language that showcases Siena's commitment to revolutionizing customer service through empathic AI technology.

The brand has been crucial in generating buzz and interest around our launch. Your creativity and dedication to understanding our vision have laid the foundation for a strong start and future growth.”

Lisa Popovici, co-founder and CMO at Siena AI