Populi is a fully hosted, web-based college information management system. Since 2007, they've worked with hundreds of schools to run more efficiently and offer a better education experience to their students. We worked with them to redesign their brand identity, establish a new visual language, as well as a new marketing website.

Collaborators: Samuel Dickison


We began with a series of discussions with key team members to identify which of Populi’s attributes were most important. We also began to verbalize how Populi helps customers go from where they are to where they want to be.

It was through these discussions that we landed on a few key alliterative phrases: Focus on teaching, not technology. Focus on the future, not features. Focus on serving, not software.

You made the process of discovery fun. It's like we went on an adventure together to discover who we are, and our brand emerged from that.”

Isaac Grauke, CEO of Populi

Visual Identity

The Populi identity had always been simple, and that was something we sought to retain. However, much of that was due to a lack of focus, and more energy put into building a great product. The biggest change was to the Populi logo itself, but we retained a familiar color and overall feel.


The Populi website needed to be simple and clear. Here the language work we had done before started to take shape in straightforward headlines. The clean aesthetic we established in the identity along with illustrations by Samuel Dickison made for a really pleasing experience.