Pliancy is the people-centric IT service for the changemakers of today. They're the unseen powerhouse behind bold, emerging companies, handling everything from email and file management, to security and reporting.

We had the honor of partnering with Pliancy to revitalize their brand. Our collaboration encompassed a complete brand overhaul, introducing a fresh visual language, refining their logo, and designing a cutting-edge website, including art direction for their blog.


Our collaboration with Pliancy shone a spotlight on their innate brand attributes: they were already people-focused, simple, and dynamic. Our role was to take these intrinsic qualities and formalize them into a guiding strategy. Through brand workshops and exercises, we clarified these attributes, creating a blueprint that would steer the entire design process.

The culmination of this collaborative effort was encapsulated in the succinct and powerful strategic line: "People-Centric IT for Today's Change-Makers". This became the guiding light for Pliancy's brand journey, highlighting their unique approach in the world of IT.

You drew on your knowledge of the space to guide many differing opinions towards our ultimate goal. You came prepared to every meeting and kept the multiple voices working together.”

Kyle Barber, Creative Lead

Visual Identity

While Pliancy's intrinsic character remained intact, we opted for a visual evolution that would reflect their 'relentless pursuit of less. Their Occam mark stayed as a constant, yet we stripped back the outer circle for a cleaner aesthetic. We enriched the original purple, invigorating the palette for added depth and dynamism. We shifted their existing face, Atlas Grotesk, to the Black weight to infuse more strength. And, we introduced Portonovo from Luzi Type, adding an air of sophistication to the visual identity.

Working alongside 3D artist Bryan Barger, we added dimension and wonder to the system. Through intricate 3D renderings, we brought motion to the website and decks, creating striking imagery that encapsulates the transformative magic that Pliancy offers through their tech-enabled service.

You saw our brand revamp as a challenge, not an exercise in comfort and familiarity. You broke from our history and came out swinging with fresh ideas that have propelled our brand forward.”

Kyle Barber, Creative Lead


We aimed for clarity and vibrancy in the website redesign. The homepage was laid out with clear call-outs to services, and technology, making it easier for visitors to identify Pliancy's capabilities. We used people-centric imagery, focusing on the individuals that make up the Pliancy team as well as their diverse clientele, echoing their brand mantra of putting people first.

The addition of 3D motion served as a visual metaphor for their innovative technology, offering an immersive glimpse into the magic of Pliancy's tech-enabled service. This dynamic imagery breathes life into the website, creating an engaging, interactive user experience that truly reflects Pliancy's dynamism and forward-thinking ethos.


The blog is where Pliancy's people-first mentality comes to life. To capture the richness of this approach, we designed a diverse, editorial-style blog, layered with a medley of unique artistic styles. So far, illustrators include: Timo Kuilder, Priya Mistry, Catarina Alves, Matt Pamer, and Ben Stafford. Each pour their distinctive flair into the blog's visual narrative, yet, we maintained cohesiveness through a unified palette that ties together the varied styles.

The outcome is balances diversity with consistency. Its visually compelling, individualistic illustrations mirror the array of voices within Pliancy, yet harmonize under a unified brand aesthetic, epitomizing the vibrant mosaic of Pliancy's people-centric ethos.

Overline has walked with us through many phases of Pliancy. From our early growth to now, where we're redefining ourselves as a brand. With our biggest changes yet about to launch, we're excited to see what the future holds.”

Kyle Barber, Creative Lead