Navigo builds tools to expose and manage risk. They believe when people see the danger they face, connect with others, and act in light of it, they’re able to map a better future. We work with Navigo in an ongoing capacity to design their visual identity, digital products, and public-facing website.


Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. So Navigo is working to give people tools to stop bad things before they even happen. As part of strategy, we were inspired by the quote from King Lune in the Horse and His Boy, "For this is what it means to be a king: to be first in every desperate attack and last in every desperate retreat..."

Our technical ability combined with your visual talent really creates the ability to deliver on a totally different level.”

Benjamin Nieuwsma, CEO at Navigo

Visual Language

For the visual language, we drew inspiration from traditional safety colors and symbols. There is also an undercover feel to the whole identity—something out of a spy movie.