In June of 2021, two of the world's premier labor market data companies, Burning Glass Technologies and Emsi, merged to form a new powerhouse. The resulting combination brought about dramatic value for clients of both companies. But their new name—Emsi Burning Glass—left something to be desired. Having worked with Lexicon Branding to find a new name, they reached out to us to establish a new brand and visual identity.


Lightcast has been hard at work for over two decades capturing and clarifying data that helps communities prosper. Their mission is to drive economic prosperity and mobility by providing the insights needed to build and develop people, institutions, companies, and communities.

Through our workshops and conversations, we agreed that this new identity should feel bright and optimistic. Lightcast is a humble, yet impactful partner, so we sought to capture a sense of hope, and inspiration that is often kindled in their customers.

You crafted and led us through a great process from brainstorming through execution and beyond.”

Dave Reinke, VP of Marketing


The identity for Lightcast tells a story of partnership and growth. The logomark, coined the "Tessell" after tessellation, reveals two repeating polygons. The two together indicate the partnership Lightcast brings to their customers, and the second shape being taller indicates the idea of upward momentum.

Progress is the process, prosperity is the destination.

I appreciated your professionalism during difficult moments. Our project had a ton of obstacles, yet you rose to the challenge, met all of our deadlines and knocked the project out of the park.”

Dave Reinke, VP of Marketing

Visual Language

The visual identity is built on a black and white foundation, with bursts of vibrant color that provide the grateful energy that Lightcast brings to their work. To craft this color system, we provided a way to blend colors into what is known as the "Glow."

The Glow is then applied to patterns and backgrounds to provide a consistent visual language throughout the identity.

The thought and care that you put into creating the Lightcast identity is truly next level and we couldn't be happier.”

Dave Reinke, VP of Marketing