HKR is a pioneering talent-insourcing team, dedicated to embedding top-tier talent into organizations for a reasonable monthly fee. Their mission is to change the perception of outsourcing. However, they faced a challenge - their brand did not encapsulate this unique value. This was where we stepped in to help HKR craft a compelling brand strategy, identity, and website that truly matched their offering.


Our strategy started with a series of intensive workshops, aimed at understanding the core of HKR's mission and operations. Through these discussions, we arrived at a powerful and succinct tagline: "Insource your talent, Outsource the headache." This phrase encapsulated the company's unique value proposition and acted as a cornerstone for our subsequent brand work. showed that me and Adam were so well-aligned in what HKR should be, although he's NY-based and I'm in Bucharest. Culturally aligned. Business-model aligned.”

Sergiu Poenaru, CEO, Founder at HKR


In keeping with HKR's love of simplicity and efficiency, we designed a custom logomark that was as straightforward as it was impactful: "HKR". This bold and minimalist logo became an immediate identifier for the company and its values.

Visual Language

To bring the brand to life, we developed a vibrant visual language inspired by the concept of DNA - representing the unique blend of qualities each talent brings to a company. This was realized through gradients of teal, orange, magenta, and indigo, forming DNA-inspired patterns.

The typefaces Piazzolla and Manrope were chosen to complement this energetic palette, creating a harmonious balance between vibrancy and sophistication.

We didn't have a coherent messaging before. This helped us position as premium when competing with other geographies that could beat us on pricing.”

Sergiu Poenaru, CEO, Founder at HKR


Our work extended to HKR's digital presence, starting with a comprehensive content strategy and moving through wireframing to full visual design. The new brand identity was applied throughout, creating a cohesive and engaging user experience that brought HKR's unique proposition to life.

We were recruiting really well, but now we can recruit senior roles and persuade some really smart people to join our mission.”

Sergiu Poenaru, CEO, Founder at HKR