Craftwork is setting out to revolutionize the general contracting industry. They work with homeowners, frustrated by the manual, unpredictable, and outdated processes involved in completing any home project. With Craftwork, you can use technology to simplify the experience and deliver consistently high-quality project work. We worked with their team to establish a brand strategy, visual identity, and new marketing website.

Collaborators: Lauren Jones (Photography)


One aspect of the process we all enjoyed was our brand workshop conversations. With Craftwork being a new startup, it was pivotal to spend the time discussing how we wanted Craftwork to be perceived by their target audience.

We chose the Hero brand archetype, and from there aligned on Honest, Candid, and Brave as powerful descriptors for how the brand should look and feel.

Your guidance and collaborative process gave us clarity and conviction about our brand direction, and the nimble approach to incorporating our feedback resulted in an identity that's working well.”

Tim Griffin, Co-Founder of Craftwork


The identity for Craftwork is simple, modern, and approachable. Most of the landscape uses bright primary colors, but we opted for a more restrained and muted palette. The bold typography carries our punchy and straightforward message. And the clean photography, by Lauren Jones, bring everything together in a classic way.

Your collaborative approach to design has not only helped us create a strong visual identity but also fostered a sense of inclusion throughout our team.”

Tim Griffin, Co-Founder of Craftwork


The Craftwork website was designed from the ground up. From content strategy, to visual design, we worked with their team to outline a compelling story that brought their purpose, mission, and vision to life.

Your responsiveness made us feel heard and valued, ultimately shaping the brand that truly represents Craftwork.”

Tim Griffin, Co-Founder of Craftwork